Admission Requirement

Entrance Assessment

The applicants for admission are required to complete an entrance exam and a personal interview. Both will be scheduled only after the “Preliminary Data for New Student” has been completed.

Specific dates are scheduled for the entrance assessment. The entrance assessments test skills in English and Mathematics.

When determining a student’s placement in a grade and a classroom, the school takes into consideration the student’s age, abilities, physical and social development, and past academic performance. Students are not usually placed in a grade above their chronological age because doing so is not usually beneficial for the child’s educational, physical, and/or social development.

The school will accept suggestions from parents regarding the placement of their child. Such requests should focus on the specific learning needs of the child, not on the preference for one teacher over another. The school will pay close attention to these requests but may not always grant the request. Therefore, classroom placement is normally the school’s decision.

Document Requirements

To be eligible for application to MKS a student should:

Possess appropriate fluency in English & Arabic

Provide a minimum of two years of academic records

Provide two passport photographs

Provide a copy of the birth certificate

Provide a copy of the CPR

Complete theĀ Application Form