Activities at MKS

Trips, Clubs, and Events

Activities at MKS

Activities at MKS are designed to extend and reinforce the educational program, build student morale and positive support for the school, honor outstanding student achievement, provide wholesome social and recreational activities, foster a strong sense of community and belonging, develop opportunities for real-world learning, and encourage a strong appreciation and love for the culture, history, and customs of the Kingdom of Bahrain. The K-12 Student Activities Coordinator oversees all activities to implement a vision for the program and ensure uniform standards of quality and documentation are adhered to. 

The extracurricular program is organized into four categories: international trips, domestic field trips, student clubs and organizations, and events and activities. The school calendar is planned one year in advance with input from stakeholders including parents, students, staff, and administrators. With newly added material and human resources in recent years, the number of student clubs has tripled, the breadth and depth of programming has expanded, and the climate and culture of the school has improved considerably. Over 200 individual activities are planned annually for students to suit a broad range of interests, talents, and abilities.

Specific programs of interest: 

  • ES Student Council
  • ES My Sky Engineering Center Collaboration 
  • ES Music and Dance Shows
  • MS Enrichment Program
  • MS Health Awareness Programs
  • MS Ras Al Khaimah Adventure Camp
  • HS Musical Theatre Program
  • HS Women’s Empowerment Camps
  • HS Cultural Dress Shows
  • HS Grade 10 Paris Trip
  • HS Grade 11 IB Environmental Studies Trip
  • HS Grade 12 Dubai trip for University Visits
  • School-wide National Day programs
  • School-wide Sports Day programs
  • School-wide choral music programs

Mr. Bankes

Student Activities Coordinator