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It is a privilege to be the new Elementary School Principal at Modern Knowledge School (MKS). I have worked as a teacher, learning leader, vice-principal and principal in both China and Canada, during the past 33 years. I trust that by working together we can continue to support and enhance the outstanding student learning environment that currently exists I our school. 

I believe that honesty and trust form the cornerstone of our relationships throughout the school. A culture of transparency will allow our mosaic of nationalities to shine even more brightly. One of the great strengths of MKS is the multinational composition of both our student body and teaching staff. This diversity truly allows us “to develop respectful, responsible, global-minded individuals: lifelong learners who contribute towards a peaceful world”, as our mission statement states. 

Powerful relationships between students and teachers and parents are the foundation of any successful school. Teachers design lessons that allow students to develop their thinking, communication, social, self-management and research skills, and support student reaching the AERO standards that form the basis of our curriculum. To stimulate and promote these skills, lessons include a variety of teaching strategies, including direct teaching, inquiry-based and experiential approaches, and project-based learning, according to the objectives that provide the focus for each lesson. Learning is differentiated in order to make lessons accessible to entire classes. Local and global contexts are routinely explored to add girth to learning. Finally, both daily assessments (formative) and end-of-unit assessments (summative) inform all parties of learning attainment.

Parents will receive formal feedback (e.g. parent teacher conferences, report cards), but you are encouraged to discuss student progress outside of these formal windows. If you wish to meet with a teacher or member of our administration team, then simply contact our front office for an appointment. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate drop-in conversations with teachers. This becomes especially problematic during pick-up time in the afternoons. Please respect the teacher’s needs to ensure that all children are picked up safely by refraining from private conversations during this time.

I look forward to meeting with you. We share the same goals for your child: to ensure that your child flourishes on an academic, social and personal level. As a team, we will ensure a successful year for all MK Elementary School students!


Dr. Patrick Thalheimer



Dr Patrick Thalheimer

Elementary Principal

Marlies Kreutzberger

Elementary assistant principal

Manal Al Chaer

Elementary administrator assistant

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