Student Council

The student voice of MKS

HS Student Council

The student council is an elected student body whose main role is to represent the high school students of Modern Knowledge Schools, voice their concerns and unify the school community through activities and community service projects. 

Student council has authority and responsibility to…

  • -Represent the VOICE of the students to the admin.
  • -Enhance the school environment with activities & programs.
  • -Create Leaders who are prepared to serve their communities.
  • -Make Change possible at MKS!

Every year, the elections of the student council take place at the start of the year by casting ballots from each grade level (9 through 12). 

The council consists of students representing all grade levels. To apply for the student council, a student must fulfill the following criteria:

  • -Be in good academic standing (passing all classes) 
  • -Have good conduct and behavior report (Councilor report is required)
  • -Be able to attend weekly (Sunday) meetings after school. 

Each grade level will elect 3 representatives. Each of the representatives will have a seat on the full council.
The President and Vice President of the student council will be elected by the council members. Students may nominate themselves and/or others with a 100 word statement about their fitness to be on the council. Digital elections will take place following the nomination period. The winners will be announced via email. Any student may join Student Council as a non-voting member to participate in council activities. 


Brandon Bankes

Activities Director