Student Council

The student council is an elected student body whose main role is to represent the high school students of Modern Knowledge Schools, voice their concerns and unify the school community through activities and community service projects.

Every year, the elections of the student council take place at the start of the year by casting ballots from each grade level (9 through 12), including IB students as an additional group to ensure that all students have equal opportunities and that all voices are heard.

The council consists of students representing all grade levels. To apply for the student council, a student must fulfill the following criteria:

1. GPA should be 3.5 or above.
2. Good conduct and behavior report (Councilor report is required)

3. Ability to attend meetings after school at least once a month.

All applicants must go through an interview with a committee from the administration and a list of those eligible to be on the list of nominees is announced to the students. All nominees will be asked to give a speech to present their programs just before the election is carried out on a grade level. The results are then announced and the officers are appointed in the first meeting with the approval of both the advisor and the High school Vice-Principal.

 The President is the student with the highest number of votes

 The vice president is the student with the second highest number of votes.

 Secretary will be appointed based on the required skills for this role.

 Treasurer will be appointed based on the required skills of this role.

In addition to the main objective if the student council in representing the student, they also have an important leadership role in maintaining a positive school community by planning and organizing school-wide activities and campaigns to raise awareness, promote a sense of belonging and raise the name of the school in the community. Therefore, their activities are extended beyond the school to include community service and participating in the National Events.

Brett Shearer

Student Council Advisor

Mohamed Kamel

Student Council President