University Counselling

Planning the future

The Modern Knowledge Schools’ university counseling program is designed to “Make Kids Successful” by helping students explore their strengths and interests and ultimately gain admission to the colleges and universities that best suit their ambitions and aspirations.

MKS offers unlimited support to students not just in their senior year where they are ready to graduate, but from the freshmen year where the students make their first steps on high school path. Students will be taken on tours to campuses in bahrain and will also attend presentations by different visiting universities from USA and UK.

 The journey to university is a complicated, demanding and time-consuming process where a counselor is a navigator through the long journey making it safer, less stressful and surely productive. The counselor meets with students collectively and individually; parents are welcome to arrange one on one meetings as well.

MKS students apply to and are accepted in universities in Bahrain, the Gulf region, Egypt, Jordon, the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia and the United States. Over 93% of MKS students join universities after high school graduation and almost half of them attend universities outside Bahrain. Students make successful choices for their future simply because of the quality advisory support is given to them as applicants.

Scholarship Programs

All Bahraini students may qualify to enter scholarship programs available in Bahrain.

First: Crown Prince International Scholarship Program (CPISP):

“The Crown Prince’s International Scholarship Program aims to nurture the minds of our future generations through education. The Program provides Bahrain’s most gifted and talented youth the opportunity to learn at the finest international educational institutions. Further, it provides its scholars with career development support and training; equipping them with the necessary tools to become effective decision makers who contribute to Bahrain’s development, both nationally and globally.”

The application for this scholarship program starts in Grade 11, and students may qualify to apply if they fulfill the following criteria:

1. To have a Bahraini citizenship

2. To be currently enrolled in Grade 11 and set to graduate from high school in the following year.

3. To have a cumulative grade point average of 97% or above for grade 10 and first semester in Grade 11.

The school will prepare a list of eligible students and inform them of the details and requirements. Also, an orientation session will be held for those nominated students at the school with a representative from the CPICP to answer their question. Finally, the school will prepare and provide them with a package that includes all documents and certificates needed for the application which they each need to go and submit it individually at the Royal Court.

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Second: MOE Scholarship program:

This program is offered for students who are currently in grade 12 and fulfill the following criteria:

1. To have a Bahraini citizenship

2. Enrolled as a full-time student

3. To have a cumulative grade point of 90% or above for grades 10,11 and the first semester of grade 12.

The school prepares a list of eligible students and submits this list with students’ information to the MOE. In addition, an information session is held for the students to prepare them for the Aptitude tests as well as the personal interview.

Students can check the result of their application through the login information sent on their personal phones directly from the Ministry of Education.

Below is a presentation on the content of the tests and the interview.

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Yarnaa Yousif

University Counselor